We are Trebinje's only eco-tourism service provider.

There is no hype here. Walk with me offers modest, honest and direct contact with nature. The added value of walking with me is what the 21st century man is missing – peace and a sense of freedom. There are no bungy chord jumps or five star VIP rooms. We offer calibrated calorie spending and mingling with the beautiful sounds, tastes, and smells of the great outdoors. We'll teach you the tricks of the trade, if you do not already know them, on outdoor survival. We'll share the history of this small but fascinating corner of the world. We'll show you the wealth of flora and fauna to be found here. In short, we'll make sure you have a nature experience you won't soon forget.

Our trips are tailor made for any parties interested in a day-hike or more. We cater to novices and pro's alike, with easy to rugged tours to choose from. Our hikes usually focus on the Bijela Gora hiking area which leads us past the impressive hilltop fortifications of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy that guarded almost the entire road infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our outdoor center there is the perfect place for a nature getaway and is our base for meals or overnighting under the stars.

WWM FOUNDER - Sinisa Kunić, 1966.

Since my childhood I love nature -  at the age of 7 I became a member of the Scout Group of Stolac,  where spent 10 years. At the age of 8, I actively participated in nature activities and camping, at the age of 12, I regularly went hunting. At 18, I started my military service where I spent 15 months, with a lot of time on the field, in nature. To nature, I devoted most of my adult life and maintained intimacy with nature through a variety of camping activities, hiking tours, trips, mushroom and wild fruits pickings, hunting, fishing and other activities related to spending time outdoors.

From  March 2005 to August 2007 I served as a professional lifeguard in a high-risk zone in Iraq, working for the British company "Erinys", with a task to provide security for high-ranking officers in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I am trained for extreme situations and for providing first aid on the field.

With an extensive knowledge of the climate, weather, flora and fauna in the region, I decided to do what I enjoy and what I know best. I am fluent in English and can communicate in the Spanish language too.