Day Hikes
– Our specialty is hiking and its what we love to do most. Walk with Me, will take you high into the mountains that teeter on the border between Herzegovina and Montenegro. 
Prices: Starting from 15 euro p.p., depending on your interest [group discounts provided]


By agreement, I can come to pick you or from the airport as close as Ćilipi - Dubrovnik/Croatia or Podgorica, Tivat/Montenegro and Mostar/BiH.

You need to be equipped with camping gear: tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat, knife and other camping accessories, what ever you think you should take. If you don't have or you don't want to take with you any of it, please let me know and I'll try to get it for you to use and it will not increase the cost of services. If you choose to sleep in improvised shelters - bivaci, then we will make them together with my extensive experience in such matters. The first and the last night we are spending in alleges facility, like a motel or a guest house. The first morning we start in 08:00 hours, and for the rest of the days on the field, depending on the situation on the field.

Rates diff PILGRIMAGE HIKES (3 -10 persons):

4 hours of hiking + one meal at the end = 50KM (25 euro) - per person,
All day hiking to evening + 2 meals  75 KM (37 euro) - per person,
All day hiking, camping + 3 meals = 100 KM (51 euro) - per person,
All day hiking and spending the night in the facility + 3 meals = 115KM  (60 euro) - per person.